Well-Being Workshops


No matter who you are or where you come from, it’s important that you put yourself first more than once in a while. Just by doing small simple things for YOU every day can make such a difference.
Where do YOU fit into your life right now?
This Well-Being Workshop is a day all about YOU. Exploring your own thoughts, positive and negative. How to talk to yourself and set intentions. Mood enhancing techniques and advice on relaxation exercises. Professional and safe advice on the use of essential oils and how you can use them to bring about a sense of positive health and well-being. Booking is essential!

Well-Being and Your Mental Health


What is your definition of well-being and mental health?

Are you easily motivated or do you struggle to feel positive about certain areas of your life?

Do you feel stuck in a rut or feel bored with your life? Perhaps your life is so busy, that you can’t switch off and feel totally stressed out all the time!

And importantly….what exactly do you say, when you talk to yourself?

Interested in exploring further? Then welcome to my Well-Being Workshop!

This is a day of fun and positivity. If you’re not laughing when you arrive, you will be when you’re leaving! A day of looking at yourself, being yourself and most of all…..loving yourself. We will discuss how to be more positive and look at ways in which you can give yourself the care and attention you deserve in life. 

Learn how complementary/alternative therapies can help you to overcome minor health issues and promote a positive and healthy mind? We will especially focus on aromatherapy and demonstrate the safe and effective use of essential oils.

Discover how to make goal setting easy and fun by using affirmations and vision boards!

My workshops run on Saturdays from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Suitable for people of all ages, (except children) male and female. The cost is €60 payable on the day. Senior citizens €50. Students€40

Get in touch for information on dates and venues near you!

Places are limited! Book yours by contacting me via email weareholistic@gmail.com or via my contact form. You may also call me on 086 6076712

If you are interested in attending one of my workshops but the above location doesn’t suit you,  get in touch via email  weareholistic@gmail.com Let me know where you are based and I will let you know when I will be running one near you.