Walking Lightly. Noeleen Watson’s First Book of Poems

Walking Lightly is Noeleen Watson’s first book of poems. On a journey of self-discovery, Noeleen realises her true potential as she finds she has a gift of putting words on paper that create something special. 

Living in Glenageary, Co. Dublin, Noeleen is a mother to four children and grandmother of a little boy. It seems that Noeleen was born to be creative as she is also a graphic designer. She also enjoys taking photos while out walking and connecting with nature. 

Noeleen has been inspired by her many friends, her family and people who have helped and encouraged her along the way. She now works to inspire others to realise their own potential. She is an advocate for Aontas, inspiring people to return to education.  Continue reading

A Healer Working in The NHS! Wendy’s Story.

Hello everyone,

My name is Wendy and I’m here to tell you about how I went from being a cynical non-believer, to an accredited healer working in the NHS. I hope you enjoy my story and most of all, I hope some of you feel inspired by it.

My Story.

Thirty six years ago my dearest friend Elaine lost her husband while he was carrying out his duties as a fireman. Rescuing a cat from a tree, would appear to be one of the easiest and straight forward tasks expected from a fireman, so it’s hard to imagine how it can result in him losing his life.

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