Lollipop Toes?

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Feet have not always appealed to me. I have very ticklish feet and for years I couldn’t bear for anyone to touch them, which meant that I had absolutely no interest in touching other people’s feet. 

That was until I was introduced to one of the most popular holistic therapies, reflexology. It wasn’t long before I was hooked and it was my fascination with reflexology that helped me to get over my ‘Ticklish Feet’ phobia. I was a little skeptic at first, but the more time I spent studying feet, the more intrigued I became with the concept of the feet being a mirror image of our bodies.

Things got even more interesting when I discovered that there was more to ‘feet’ than meets the eye. My aroused curiosity prompted me to research some more about the art of analyzing our personality traits through our feet. This led me to a lady called Jane Sheehan, a reflexologist and well known celebrity foot reader.

Jane is the UK’s leading foot reader and has also worked in Ireland, USA, United Arab Emirates and Australia. She has made numerous television appearances including:

  • This Morning 
  • Today with Des and Mel
  • Big Brother’s Little Brother
  • Morning Glory
  • The Afternoon Show on RTE 
  • Inside San Diego (America)
  • Sama (Dubai)
  • Today Show (Australia)

Jane is also a regular on a number of regional radio stations. Her foot reading skill was listed in the Sunday Times ‘Top Ten Health Trends’.

I was delighted when I learned that Jane was running one of her two day workshops in Cavan back in July 2013. I booked my place straight away.

I learned quite a bit about myself that weekend.  I have lollipop toes! 🙂 This means that I am inclined to mull things over for quite a while but I will express my ideas when I’m ready to do so. That’s all I’m revealing about the state of my feet!  

Apart from being extremely informative, the two days were so much fun. Jane strikes me as being a gentle natured person. She is very encouraging and she is indeed a pro when it comes to the feet.

Day one of the foot reading workshops are theory based. You will learn about:

  • How you feel about your feet?
  • Size, width and length of the feet
  • Line from little toe to big toe
  • Individual meanings of the toes and the way this can be applied to the vertical zones
  • Colour of the skin
  • Gaps between toes
  • Webbed toes
  • Bunions
  • Temperature of the feet
  • Skin and related imbalances
  • Nails and related imbalances
  • Meanings of toe shapes
  • Sequence of a treatment
  • How to handle a tearful reaction
  • Applying the knowledge learned by giving a foot reading

Day two is mainly about practicing your new-found skills.

This is the fun part where everyone gets the opportunity to read each other’s feet. A very interactive day and guaranteed to surprise and amaze you. This is where you will appreciate your wide or narrow feet, your bendy or tilted phalanges and even if you have webbed toes – you will understand why.

If you are a reflexologist or a massage therapist, foot reading is a fantastic addition to your treatments. It may also be used as a therapy on it’s own. By advising clients of your observations and findings, they can decide whether they would like to change anything about themselves. And what they are happy to leave alone. 

Visit Jane on to find out more about learning the art of foot reading. And to find out when there’s a workshop taking place in a venue near you.

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    • Hi Bob. Apparently, it means that you have a high self-esteem. If only some of your toes are webbed, then your self-esteem is related to the part of you that those toes represent. For example, if your second and third toes are webbed, you are confident in your career and other activities you undertake.

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