They Might Call It Depression.


Today I keep silent but inside I shout,
I try to wash away the shame, 
paint a smile upon my mouth.

My heart it is heavy,
full of unexplained sorrow. 
I can’t feel happy, not today,  
maybe tomorrow.

I walk and I walk and I keep on going,
where will the road lead me?
I don’t care, I don’t care.
Today I am trapped
in this dark consuming space. 
Nobody knows, nobody knows, 
they don’t see my face.

Today I hide away from the world and its doors,
the world as I see it, through my eyes,
not theirs and not yours. 

I hide my fear and I hide all expression. 
If I let them all know, they might call it depression!
I would no longer be me because then things would change,
just the girl no one talks to
because now she is strange! 

Her head is messed up,
her face is a fake. 
Her smile isn’t real
her mind, it might break.
Don’t sit too close to the girl who is sad. 
We can’t help her anyway, 
she’s crazy, she’s mad!

So I carry my despair to the end of the day,
and struggle to pray all the pain away.
I tell myself,
“I love myself, respect myself,
and heal myself”.


Nobody knows, 
they don’t see my face, 
tomorrow will come
and I’ll be in a better place.

#Glitch #WorldMentalHealthDay

14 thoughts on “They Might Call It Depression.

    • Hi Lisa. Because of the nature of my work as a holistic therapist, I have met and talked with so many people who suffer from different forms of depression. I wrote this poem based on how these people have often expressed themselves to me. Their feelings and fears. Thank God I don’t suffer from depression but I do know what anxiety feels like and how it can lead to depression if not treated. Thank you for reading Lisa. Hugs back! ?

  1. A very good piece that captures the depressed mind really well; the faux face when inside is screaming; the self created isolation that feeds of itself; a default mind that thrives on the negative, crushing self esteem. Such a hard place to recover from and as you rightly have seen; many walk by not knowing the pain or anxiety crippling the mind that they just passed.

    Very well done Gloria

  2. Oh yes! You have portrayed this perfectly. I live with chronic health/pain these days and a couple of years ago it was leeching the life out of me. It was only when a couple of old friends each visited and told me I needed help as I was no longer me that I went to the doctor. I was so worried about what my GP and other people would think. In fact I was becoming neurotic! My GP said she was surprised I hadn’t needed help sooner….yet I still wouldn’t tell hubby at first that I was on antidepressants and it was months before I told my mum and dad. I think for some reason I felt ashamed, that I had let people down……but then we had to cope with a bigger crash when stress got the better of hubby and he had a breakdown – in part due to his job and also my deteriorating condition & a sick parent. Two of our teens have also needed support for anxiety from professionals – we were told by the head of one sixth form that he had never known teens to be as stressed. And yet still mentalhealth/illness carries a stigma…..beautifully written poem that I shall definitely be sharing! Fingers crossed this posts this time……

    • That is so much to deal with Claire. The thing is, when people hide from illness, its harder for others to help them. But by being honest and open it makes it a bit easier for everyone involved.
      I also think people fear the unknown. People are afraid of things they don’t understand so they shy away from helping others. But this fear can also make sufferers deny their own health problems. So they suffer in silence.
      Thank you very much for reading and sharing Claire. I appreciate it. ?

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