What do you think of Robin’s Mental Health?


I can’t help wonder about this person’s mental health! Robin (not her real name) is very active on a particular social media platform. She is not one of these people who use social media to make life appear wonderful, (when in reality it’s pretty crap). No photoshopped selfies that make her look like a plastic version of herself. No happy family photos of days out, girlie nights in, her latest successful attempt at cooking a delicious gourmet dinner and no location check-ins!

Of course, lack of evidence on social media doesn’t prove that Robin hasn’t got a family, or friends, or loves cooking and travelling. And not everybody is obsessed with taking selfies!
selfie-2012540_1920 Robin likes posting photos and quotes of a negative nature. She uses a lot of bad language. She puts up some jokes – some I enjoy and some that are not to my taste. But not everyone shares the same sense of humour! She rarely makes kind or complimentary comments on other people’s posts. Quite the opposite actually. A little dig here and there just to keep a certain somebody in check – ‘don’t get too big for your boots now!’

Occasionally, Robin makes comments and statements that lead people to believe that all is not well and they should be worried. ‘There is no light at the end of this tunnel. I don’t want to feel like this anymore! I hate my job and I have no friends’. People do get worried and ask questions. But Robin is non-responsive for about 24 hours!

I notice that Robin seems to like sympathy. Not support or understanding – just sympathy. She loves comments such as, ‘Oh poor you’. Her virtual friends offer plenty of sympathy and words of encouragement. All the advice pours in because it appears that Robin is on the verge of a nervous breakdown or something worse!

These are the type of things that people say to Robin:
• Go to your GP to find out if depression is the cause of your sadness.
• Stay off social media for a while.
• Stop posting dark negative crap.
• It sounds like depression – get professional help.
• Get a hobby and real friends.
• Lay of the booze.
• Thinking of you x.
• I feel your pain.

Does she take on board any of the advice that is being handed out freely, by all the caring and thoughtful friends? It appears that no, she doesn’t.

Robin may be any or all of the following:
• An attention seeker
• A bored individual who finds amusement in winding up others
• A pessimist who sees only the negative in every situation
• A jealous individual who holds grudges against everybody
• Someone with anger/self-esteem/trust issues
• Someone with mental health issues

A question most often asked is “What is a mental health issue?” It could be all of the above – if we look deep enough.
Anything that affects our mood and our behaviour is a mental health issue. Any ‘issue’ can become a ‘problem’ if we don’t address it in time. Issues can grow and fester in our minds and become toxic. It’s a fine line between a healthy mind and a fragile mind.

We all have days when our minds are challenged and we feel mentally stressed out. A change in hormone levels can affect our mood and outlook on life. Too much alcohol and a hangover can cause us to be miserable. Even boredom can make us feel gloomy.


Are too many people self-diagnosing themselves with depression?
I actually overheard a young woman saying to her friend, “I think I’m bipolar”. Her friend replied, “Yes, I actually think you might be!” Is it really that simple to make a diagnosis?

Depression or other mental health problems may be the cause of Robin’s behaviour on social media. Possibly, her behaviour on social media – and in general – may be causing her to have mental problems or depression! People like Robin need to examine their lifestyle. Get a hobby, eat well, read motivational books or a good novel, get outside more and limit the amount of time they spend on social media. While on social media, learn to avoid all the negative toxic crap that’s on there.


It is possible to just enjoy it! You get to connect with friends, old and new. People who have the same interests as you. However, to enjoy it, you need to avoid all the drama and avoid getting involved in political or domestic disputes. Follow people who make you feel good. Join motivational pages and connect with people who share the same interests as you.

There are so many posts doing the rounds that encourage people to speak out about their mental health. And I do agree that it’s time the stigma was crushed. But……speaking out is only the first step! ‘Action’ is equally important – probably MORE important! Talking about your mental health issues alone isn’t necessarily going to help in the long run. (Depends on the problem) You must seek the help and advice you need. Then you must act upon this advice. Nothing is achieved in any area of our lives if we don’t take ACTION! It’s as simple as that!

Robin continues to post dark and negative pictures and quotes. Sarcastic jokes that put others down. She makes very inconsiderate comments on other people’s posts – especially posts of a happy or positive nature. Robin thanks her virtual friends for their kindness and support during last night’s dark period. But she doesn’t seem to take any of the advice that is offered to her!
I wonder why? 

What’s your view on Robin and what would you tell her?



                                       Images; Pixabay

5 thoughts on “What do you think of Robin’s Mental Health?

    • Thank you for your comment Chattykerry. Sorry I’m just getting back to you now.
      You’re right! Social media is not the place to discuss a matter like this. Face to face. I’m just interested to hear others people’s views.

  1. I knew someone like this and the problem I had with it was the behavioral blueprint i so much as is this really what you want the perception of you to be? The internet makes it too easy at times for people to act badly but I guess this is the price we pay. Sharing this to my facebook page:)

    • Thanks Heidi. Yes, it is very easy to get caught up in the whole social media negativity. It can then become a habit for someone people and makes them act in ways they may not act in real life – if that makes sense!
      Thank you for commenting & sharing Heidi.
      (Sorry for the very late reply btw)

  2. This is an interesting and thought provoking post. I agree social media can be used for sharing good things and I deliberately stay away from negativity and confrontational posts wherever possible. This is mainly for my own protection. Your friend seems to need help but must recognise that herself.

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