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While some people cruise through life without ever giving their spirit a second thought, the search for the meaning of life and death is a desire that some of us just can’t ignore. The process of soul searching can be a long road for some people. It can be confusing, difficult, ambiguous and very often unpredictable. But it can also be the most enlightening and rewarding experience. Finding and connecting with our own spirituality can be life changing in so many ways.

Searching for your Spiritual Path

Whether it’s an easy or difficult journey, I’m sure we all have one thing in common – we yearn to satisfy our curiosity about the spirit and our universe. Some of us will be forever curious about the mysteries of life and will spend an eternity searching for something we may never find.

We all seek different answers and explanations. What might satisfy the curiosity of one person, may not necessarily satisfy the next. There are many beliefs and ancient myths about spirituality and life & death. What we need is to be open minded about these beliefs in order to find what resonates with us. Learn from each other’s experiences and follow your own heart because it’s your spirit and your journey.

Reading is one of the most effective ways of learning. Atlantis Éire Magazine is a source of information that can help you to find your path.

Words about reading and learning

Atlantis Éire Holistic Health & Celtic Spirit Magazine

Atlantis Éire Magazine is published in Castlebar in Co. Mayo. It is owned and run by a husband and wife team, Aldo and Helen Jordan, who are both very passionate about holistic healing and the ancient and sacred practices of our Celtic culture.

Their bi-monthly magazine publishes a wide variety of informative articles concerning our health and spiritual well-being. It also shares uplifting stories of folklore and Celtic history & culture.

Atlantis Éire is educational for those who are interested or curious about the holistic way of life. Many of the articles have a personal touch to them and are written by people who are passionate about their own beliefs and practices.

Regularly Featuring in Atlantis Éire

Declan Quigley of Anam Nasca is a shamanic practitioner who teaches in The Irish School of Shamanic Studies. He has trained extensively in shamanism and reiki down through the years and he writes really interesting and informative articles on different types of shamanic and reiki healing, sacred rituals and spirit guides. What I enjoy most about Declan’s articles, is learning about the ancient beliefs and traditions of our shamanic ancestors. It is all very enlightening and fascinating!

Healing Powers of Crystals

Susan Hannon, owner of Moonstone Holistic in Waterford, writes about her passion, which is crystals. In each edition, she talks about a particular problem, ailment or situation and advises on the use of several different crystals for support. She clearly outlines the healing properties associated with each crystal and explains how they can help you deal with your current circumstances.

From Mother Nature

A subject very close to my own heart –  the healing powers of plants and herbs. Dee Mulroe writes avidly about the medicinal benefits of nature’s most wonderful gift to mankind. There is much that we don’t know about the plants and flowers that are quite often right at our doorstep. Dee also shares some simple recipes for you to make using basic nutritious ingredients, such as wild garlic, honey and elderberries. I always look forward to reading Dee’s articles to see what information she has to share with us and I love when there’s a recipe included. I’m personally looking forward to reading more articles from Dee.


Mary K. Anderson is a hypnotherapist, a Reiki master/teacher, vibrational intuitive author and a motivational speaker. Mary writes articles that focus on self-awareness and our energy. She often refers to her own life experiences and talks about how she has used her knowledge and techniques to overcome stress and trauma. Mary writes from the heart and her passion for helping others shines through her writing.

Irish Folklore

Now, who doesn’t love a good ole Irish tale? Tony Locke educates and entertains the Atlantis Éire readers with his delightful tales of Irish folklore. I’ve read things about our very own leprechaun that I never read or heard before. Thank you Tony! Tales of Irish legend and folklore are enjoyable for people of all ages. They are stories of wonder and bewilderment, and often take us into a little world of magic and mystery, even if they are sometimes a little bit spooky! Tony has published 3 books which are available to purchase on Amazon;

Tales of the Irish Hedgerows

Mayo Folk Tales

Irish Ghost Tales

Click on the titles above if you want to pop over there for a preview of Tony’s books!

Sacred Sights and Celtic Roots

Ireland is steeped in Celtic history, sacred sites and monuments. Helen and Aldo Jordan are keen visitors to many of our wonderful ancient sites and Celtic ruins. They write some fascinating stories about our ancestors, places of historic interest and festivals that were once celebrated. 


Aromatherapy articles, written by myself, are also a regular feature in Atlantis Éire. Aromatherapy has always been a major part of my holistic lifestyle. I like to inform people of the many benefits and also the potential dangers of essential oils. My articles focus around using essential oils safely in the home and I share basic information and recipes to help you get the most out of your oils.

Holistic Wellness

Mairead James writes about positivity, mindfulness, affirmations and her own experiences with taking care of mental and spiritual health. Her articles have a warm personal touch to them, and they reflect her honesty and love for positive health and well-being.

And Lots More……

Atlantis Eire also publishes articles about angels, fairies, hypnotherapy, tai chi, bio-energy, kinesiology, mediumship, yoga, and much more.

For an invigorating read, whether it’s for curiosity, pleasure or education, your needs will indeed be met by Atlantis Éire Holistic Health & Celtic Spirit Magazine.

Issue 14 is now available from participating Tesco stores nationwide. Easons nationwide. Corrib oil filling stations. Angel/Crystal shops and all good newsagents throughout Ireland including the North of Ireland.

You can also purchase your copy and past issues via the Atlantis Éire website.

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