My name is Gloria and I’m 49 years of age.12669634_1052974648057621_2554245724864957469_n

I never hide my age because it’s the experiences of the last 49 years on planet earth that has made me who I am today. And I am happy with who I am, thank you very much! ?

My passion for natural medicine began in my teens, when my father introduced me to the powers of nettle tea. At the first sign of a spot on my chin, he had the nettles out. It was quite disgusting if I’m honest, but I reckoned he knew what he was doing. And I have to say, I had really clear skin all through my teenage years. He still likes advising me when he sees I have a stubborn spot!

And so I began dabbling with herbs and other plants. I even discovered how to make herbal wine. Some of my brews were quite intoxicating and although certain friends enjoyed a glass or two occasionally, I got the blame for some seriously rough hangovers. I quit the wine making and decided to study complementary medicine in a more serious manner.

In 2002 I enrolled in a six week Reflexology course. It was the perfect introduction because it showed me exactly what reflexology was all about and what was involved in becoming a qualified therapist. I studied holistic health for two years in O’Fiaich College in Dundalk. I qualified with Fetac awards in complementary medicine and ITEC diplomas in holistic massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. I received levels one, two and three in reiki and later went on to study my Reiki Masters Degree with Majella Fagan in Green Tara College of Holistic Training.

I set up my own therapy practice and also worked part-time in Farnham Estate Spa in Cavan, which was an interesting experience. I was drawn to teaching after running introductory workshops on aromatherapy and reflexology in my local area. 

I completed my teaching qualification in NUI Maynooth and I was very lucky to get a job in O’Fiaich College in Dundalk, teaching various complementary therapies. I enjoyed my five years there and gained many new skills and experiences.

I gave birth to my fourth child at the delightful age of 43 and I moved to Mayo to accommodate my husband’s job. While enjoying being a full-time mother again, I made use of my free time doing an article writing course under the guidance of June Colbert, established writer of books for children and young adults.

Between trying to juggle all the balls in my life, I’m busy exploring & learning new things in the world of writing. I’m editing my first book – which ain’t easy! Time management is not my strong point but I’m getting better. I enjoy writing articles on aromatherapy for Atlantís Eíre Holistic & Celtic Spirit Magazine

I also facilitate well-being workshops in my local area. Which you can read about here

And here’s a list of the balls that I juggle in the best way that I can!

  • Being entertained full time by a lively adorable 5 year old daughter.
  • Providing guidance, love and attention to a fabulous 17 year old son.
  • Receiving millions of hugs from my very funny and gorgeous 22 year old daughter and enjoying all her life dramas at the same time.
  • Still trying to offer direction to my 31 year old daughter, who is also gorgeous and funny. Lots of drama in her life also, but being married with 4 children, the joys of her life are somewhat different to her sister’s.
  • Enjoying every moment I’m given with my 4 amazing grandchildren.
  • And keeping Mr. Right happy of course – my wonderful husband and best friend.

There are lots of other little balls to juggle in between. But that’s for another day!


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    • Reiki is lovely. I use it most often on myself. And it’s something you never lose. Gosh, interesting – yes – in more ways than one. But I wouldn’t change a thing! Keeps me from being bored. Thanks for stopping by Ali 🙂

  1. Hi Gloria, I’ve just shown my daughter your photo and she says you could be my sister, we look that alike. I can definitely see a resemblance with one of my nieces. It’s funny that your surname is McBreen as Breen is my mother’s maiden name.

    • Yes there is a resemblance! My husband is McBreen but he has relations that are Breen. The ‘Mc’ got dropped somewhere along the way! My maiden name is McEntee. You never know….. If we delved deep enough into our family trees, who knows what we would find!

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